What POI Stations are.


Technology is taking medicine and the CAREPOI to unexpected places.

The CAREPOI is testing a new way to deliver medical care, from distance, with Care-in Points of Interest mobilized to reach patients who may be too far away, too short on time or facing other challenges that keep them away from a traditional doctor’s office visit.
Active Healthy People and Patients can walk into a high-tech CARE-in Point of Interest to access medical services through private online, high-definition videoconferences with physicians.

The CARE-in Point of Interest, called POI stations, are equipped with DURUS devices, interactive medical devices and touchscreen panels that connect mentioned above users with a medical provider. These stations are beneficial for people of all ages and incomes. It can be practiced anywhere, at any time, and by people of all countries and cultures.
Constructed with smart films on four walls to enhance privacy, these POI are one way the CAREPOI aims to meet patient needs in everyday settings. The setup allows for extended hours of operation and flexibility for patients who don’t want to, or can’t, wait until a doctor’s office has an available appointment.
This innovative project of CAREPOI gives patients the option to walk up to the POI station without an appointment and receive treatment for minor and common health conditions. 

CAREPOI is the first organisation that offers this telecare method that, combined with cloud-based SaaS, delivers healthcare in a new-tech way that one day could be expanded to encompass Cardiology and other specialty medicine.
This approach also is being tested in the workplace to enhance users healthcare options. A handful of health insurance companies will also cover, in near future, POI sessions like a regular office visit.

The Ultimate Convenience

We all face challenges in accessing convenient, affordable care. The POI Stations can overcome common barriers like appointment availability, time and travel costs by bringing healthcare right to where user are. The POI Stations offers your organization a professionally designed, point-of-care services that includes:
  • Immediate, high-definition consults with doctors and medical centers
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices for high quality, real-time exams
  • Self-guiding, intuitive technology
  • Nationwide, board-certified physician network, available 24/7/365 1

1 Organizations can use their own clinicians to deliver services, locally or nationally.

Key features

  • Innovative connected backbone
  • Ultra High-definition 4K camera
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices2
  • Vital sign collection, supported by video tutorials
  • Medical Folder SaaS integration
  • Credit card and QR readers
  • Real-time eligibility
  • Branded exterior panels
  • Programmable LED interior & exterior lighting

2 Devices include: Ultrasound (optional) stethoscope, dermatoscope, otoscope, thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff and scale.

Points of Interest (POI) Stations call to mind a set of devices  (e.g. blood pressure etc.) that have sat quietly in drug stores for years.  But the POI Stations offers a radically different experience — one that can have a big impact on the practice of medicine and care.

The POI don’t just check biosignals like blood pressure. The POI Stations can enable health monitoring and connect into a live web-based collaboration with a physicians –of people choice- who, may teamed with a medical assistant on-site, can use, an embedded automatically  via DURUS,  mobile ultrasound, stethoscope, otoscope, dermascope, and other diagnostic equipment.

During a session Collaborators can also quiz patients about symptoms, help them analyze the exams outcomes, assess whether they can be treated by an over-the-counter medication, and prompt them to consult physicians about particular issues.  Perhaps most critically, it can link into continuing follow-up CAREPOI medical folder that engage users via interactive multimedia over the long-term, not just during irregular POI visits.

POI Stations are exciting.

Reaching the invisible

POI Stations, especially the mobile versions like DH-mDS,  has the potential to reach people who may be undiagnosed, unmotivated, or not yet sick enough to warrant costly at-home equipment.  In contrast to remote monitoring devices such as Bluetooth-enabled spirometers, POI Stations may engage people who are bored, curious, or not yet worried enough to see a physician.

High-end collaboration to action

Home monitoring often struggles because people can’t directly translate a reading into an action.  Conversely, POI may direct a people with an undiagnosed disease to a physician and a medication available in the next aisle, or in more critical situations POI Stations may connect a user directly to a multiple healthcare professionals via CAREPOI SaaS.

New revenue stream

Because the POI Stations can provide such a direct collaboration to action creates a revenue stream that home peoples monitoring and telemedicine lack.

Targeted services

POI Stations can help to change the equation with highly targeted audiences and the potential to build up profiles for users who can then watch highly targeted services while checking their vitals.


CAREPOI SaaS system could leverage POI Stations  to connect people to healthcare professionals who can recommend treatments, prescribe medications, and cajole users into taking longer-term action.

We have paid attention to back-end integration and ongoing engagement as to front-end placement and experience.  We have put the focus on monitoring known chronic conditions and diagnosing patients unaware of their status as well.

Grid of CAREPOI POI Stations.