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What CAREPOI is.

CAREPOI ™ is an innovative “Connect, Exam, Collaborate” electronic healthcare system.

CAREPOI ™  offers a State-of-the-art technology to enhance healthcare, optimize telecare operations, and yield superior results.
 “POI, Medical devices, medical folder, doctors, nurses and healthcare services are now connected…”

Why you need CAREPOI.

CAREPOI ™ supports a wide range of electronic healthcare services simultaneously  (Telemedicine, Remote Monitoring, Remote Clinical Diagnosis, etc.).

  • Exams at any Point of Interest (at home, outdoors etc. ) via POI stations.
  • Encrypted Sessions with online Professionals and 24|7 Medical Agents.
  • Ai-based medical folder for each user.
  • Telediagnosis based on real-time data.
  • Multipoint real-time Medical Collaboration
  • Prescription Management.
  • Sessions Management.
  • Biosignal Records Management.
  • Pharmacy Management.
  • Patient Timeline Management.
  • Collaborators Management (Primary Physician & Medical Team Roles).
  • Lab Reports Management
  • HomeCare Reports Management.
  • Patient Medical History.
  • Patient Medical Files Archive.
  • Generic Reports Management.
  • Notifications via email and SMS.
  • Capture & Share & ScanExams App.
  • Booking system for Telemetry Expert for home-visiting.

POI Stations

The POI Stations offers a professionally designed, point-of-care services .


What POI Station are.

The Ultimate Convenience

We all face challenges in accessing convenient, affordable care. The POI Stations can overcome common barriers like appointment availability, time and travel costs by bringing healthcare right to where user are. The POI Stations offers your organization a professionally designed, point-of-care services that includes:
  • Immediate, high-definition consults with doctors and medical centers
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices for high quality, real-time exams
  • Self-guiding, intuitive technology
  • Nationwide, board-certified physician network, available 24/7/365 1

1 Organizations can use their own clinicians to deliver services, locally or nationally.

Key features

  • Innovative connected DURUS backbone.
  • Ultra High-definition 4K camera.
  • Integrated peripheral and biometric devices.2
  • Vital sign collection, supported by video tutorials.
  • Medical Folder SaaS integration.
  • Credit card and QR readers.
  • Real-time eligibility.
  • Branded exterior panels.
  • Programmable LED interior. & exterior lighting.

2 Devices include: Ultrasound (optional) stethoscope, dermatoscope, otoscope, thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff and scale.

How CAREPOI works.

Step one : Get a Subscription.

Get a plan today and start your services

Get a free or a paid subscription.

Step two : Get Medical Credits .

Get credits and start healthcare sessions

Get credits and book sessions with doctors.

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Step three : Do medical exams at any POI.

Do exams at any POI during a session .

Enrich your medical folder and session outcomes with real-time exams